Magnetic Boats in the Tub
3 soft, vinyl boats have magnetic
connectors! Line them up like a
train in the tub. Magnets are
completely encased inside so they
can’t rust or come loose. Phthalate-
Ages - 2 & Up
ABC Stickers for the Tub
Learn your ABC's in the tub.
Enjoy soft, imaginative fun for
the tub with these colorful
bathtub stickers packaged in
reusable mesh bags that suction
cup to the tub or tile walls. The
chubby foam shapes are easy for
little hands to hold and stick to
the tub or tile when wet.
Ages - 3 & Up
Draw in the Tub
Use this unique set of 6
bathtub crayons to draw
colorful pictures on
bathtubs, tile or your body!
Soak the duck shaped
sponge with water to
remove your work of art.
Fun, clean and easy to
Ages - 2 & Up
Tooting Tugboat
Push the tugboat down in the
bathwater to hear "TOOT" in two
tones! Sound is created by air
rushing through 2 whistles in the
smoke stacks when pushed down
in the tub. Two different whistle
tones makes it sound just like a
real tugboat.
Ages - 2 & Up