Skyline Suspension Bridge
Your child will delight in watching the
train cross the bridge through the
see-through cable side panels! The
bridge is 14" long and the set comes
with ascending wooden tracks and
track supports.
Ages - 3 & Up
Wooden Railway Set
This amazing set includes everything needed
for railway fun: a spacious roundhouse engine
shed, dozens of track pieces in curves and
straights, trees, workers and even traffic
signs! Compatible with popular wooden
railway systems.
Ages - 3 & Up
Zoo Animal Train Set
Now your young train engineer can take an
elephant and a tiger to the zoo or the circus, with
a kid-powered, wooden engine and 2 animal
carrier cars. Eight pieces of circular track are a
great way to start a wooden railway set.
Also available - Farm Set - 644
Ages - 3 & Up
Over the River Drawbridge
As your young engineer turns the
crank to control the bridge, the barrier
will lower and lift, just like a real one!
The set includes 2 ascending track
pieces and is compatible with other
popular wooden railway systems.
Ages - 3 & Up
Car Carrier
This cool truck has a big job:
delivering four colorful cars to their
new homes. Its easy-load ramp
lowers to let the cars drive on, then
lifts smoothly when it's time to roll
Ages - 3 & Up
Horse Carrier
The horse carrier comes with a
pull-down ramp so that the horses
can be loaded and unloaded with
Ages - 3 & Up
Stacking Construction
These three chunky, wooden
construction vehicles, packaged
as a set, include a bulldozer, a
dump truck and a cement mixer.
Each vehicle has a free wheeling
base and is constructed of solid
wood stacking parts.
Ages - 3 & Up