Solitaire Chess
Rush Hour
Rush Hour Jr.
The rules in Solitaire Chess are simple -
first set up the chess pieces on the
board according to one of the 60
challenge cards, then proceed to
capture and eliminate all but one piece
using only moves allowed in traditional
chess. You must capture a piece with
every move, so this ThinkFun logic
puzzle game is fast-paced and always
Ages - 8 & Up
Set up the traffic challenge and battle the
gridlock as you slide the blocking
vehicles out of your way to find a path for
your red car to exit! This classic ThinkFun
logic puzzle game features four levels of
difficulty, allowing players to progress at
their own pace. And with 40 new
challenges, it’s even more bumper-to-
bumper fun for all ages!
Ages - 8 & Up
Dozens of Challenges for Younger
Players. In this junior version of the
award-winning game, it’s the ice cream
truck that needs an escape route. 40 age-
appropriate challenge cards provide
hours of entertainment for even the
most restless puzzler.
Ages - 6 & Up
This innovative preschool game
encourages pre-readers and early
readers alike to match the pictures and
words on game tiles to the pictures and
words on the challenge cards. The first
player with a full card wins the game by
yelling “Zingo!” Two levels of play and
several variations keep the zaniness
going for hours in this fast-paced
ThinkFun learning game!
Ages - 4 & Up
Hop over the holes and race to the
top! Off we go - on an exciting and
crazy bunny rabbit race! The aim is to
be the first to get to the juicy carrot
on the top of the hill. But the way
there is full of surprises. Holes
appear suddenly on the way - and
"oops!" in falls one of the bunnies
and disappears. Run up - turn the
carrot - lots of fun for everyone.
Ages - 5 & Up
Funny Bunny
Coco Crazy
Be the first to get one monkey from
each of the coconuts!
Look sharp & remember the colour of
the monkey!
Swap and switch the coconuts around
- and go nuts!
Ages - 7 & Up