Cash Cow
Our Cash Cow makes saving money
fun and educational! The friendly
talking bank identifies coins as they
are inserted and tallies your balance.
The bank also features a game that
challenges children to correctly count
up change. Cash Cow is a great tool
to teach kids to recognize coin values
and count money while saving their
pennies. Requires three "AA"
batteries (included).
Ages 5 & up
Sort and Snap Color Match
Ten reversible picture cards are held
in place on a wooden play board when
children place the snap caps in the
holes. On one side of the picture card
is in color for matching. The reverse
side shows the picture in black and
white, allowing the children to create
their own patterns and designs!
Ages - 2 & Up
Big Button Number Fun
Packed into this kid-friendly activity set is
the most colorful and fun way to practice
number and shape recognition, counting
and sequencing. Five double-sided
wooden boards with ten whimsical
designs provide insets for 10 number
Ages - 3 & Up
Animal Pattern Blocks
Complete the colorful animal pictures with geometric
pattern blocks! Just match the shapes on the five
double-sided wooden boards, then choose pattern
blocks to fill the recessed spaces. The 55 geometric
shapes come in a rainbow of bright colors, and can
also be used outside of the boards for counting,
sorting and original designs.
Ages - 3 & Up
Pattern Blocks and Board
Matching and mosaic fun! 120 brightly
colored, wooden geometric shapes to
match ten designs on five reversible
boards OR design your own! Children
will enjoy developing matching and fine
motor skills.
Ages - 3 & Up
See & Spell
Complete a puzzle to spell a word and
develop a sight-reading vocabulary! Or
use the letters for stenciling on paper or
tracing with your finger to learn letter
shapes. More than 60 colorful wooden
letters fit into the eight double-sided
cutout boards to spell three- and
four-letter words.
Ages - 4 & Up
Shape Sorting Clock
Shape Sequence Sorting Set
Recognizing color, shape and size, and
sorting objects into groups are the
"building blocks" of beginning math
skills. What better way to explore these
important concepts than with boldly
colored wooden blocks and frame!
Ages - 3 & Up
The time to teach is now! A colorful
wooden clock features 12 wooden
blocks, each a different shape, which
fit into matching slots, plus movable
hands! With lots of "timely"
information on the hands and clock
face, this is the perfect toy to help
children master an abstract concept.
Ages - 3 & Up
Deluxe Pound-a-Peg
The pegs on the bench go up and down,
playing peek-a-boo on this solid wood
pounding activity. Non-removable pegs take
turns showing their smiles while your
toddler has fun naming the colors and
enjoys practicing fine motor skills. A sturdy
mallet is included.
Ages - 2 & Up