Trunki makes travel fun! Lightweight,
durable, carry-on sized suitcases serve as
luggage, riding toy and transport for kids on
the go! Great for sleepovers, camp or
kid-frindly storage bins at home!
Ages - 3 & Up
Available in: Blue (5400), Purple (5405), Red
(5403), Orange (5402), Pink (5401), and Green
U.S.A License Plate Game
Add excitement to travel with this
sturdy, reusable classic travel
game. Learn the name and location
of all fifty states, identify states by
their license plate design or simply
plot your trip by flipping the states
along your route...this is truly fun
on the go! No loose pieces to
leave a trail!
Ages - 5 & Up
Travel Bingo
Choose an appropriate theme among
the eight provided, slide a card into
each game boards and pay attention to
the passing scenery! Includes two
game boards and four double-sided
game cards. There are no loose pieces
and everything stores conveniently in
the board. Great for travel!
Ages - 4 & Up
Magnetic Picture Maker
Mosaic-style magnetic pictures are
easy to create with this self-contained
activity. Select a design from among 6
double-sided picture cards, or use the
blank side to create-your-own. Match
the colors using the attached magnetic
wand to slide the brightly colored discs
into place.
Ages - 4 & Up